A couple of weeks ago my good friend Caroline SOMEHOW convinced me to do a cleanse with her. In my moment of feeling weighed down and sluggish, I agreed to it. We then decided we would do the Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse. For no particular reason other than it was only 3 days and didn't consist of just cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and honey. Gross. 

As you can see from the above image, it is a 3 day cleanse of nothing but "drinks" as your meals. I didn't think it would be that hard because I love fruits and veggies however I struggled quite a bit. I never realized how much I enjoy carbs, coffee, cheese, and meat! 

Anyways, I wanted to take this opportunity to give my review on this cleanse so maybe you will give it a try yourself!


Because I have a day job I had to make all of my drinks the night before. We started on a Wednesday so I went Tuesday evening and picked up all the ingredients (the shopping list is on the diagram image above). There is quite a lengthy shopping list but mostly produce so it was not all scattered around the store. I then went home and began making my breakfast and lunch drink with my Ninja Master. You don't absolutely need this product, but it was helpful to have the food processor to really grind down the ingredients in the drink.  

Day 1:
The hardest part of day 1 was not having my morning routine coffee! I actually thought my head might explode from the lack of strong caffeine but you are allowed green tea (I got caffeinated) and lemon so it wasn't too bad. As the day went on I was very irritable and tired. This is your body almost going into shock because it has been running off of bad toxins and it is trying to release those. Breakfast and lunch were both pretty filling although I did get hungry for dinner (my big meal normally). After making my dinner drink and prepping for the next day I was exhausted so I went to bed way earlier than I normally would. Side note, it recommends that you take a detox bath with Epson salt and lavender oil. However, for lack of energy and stupidity I forewent these baths each night. Which brings me to day 2.

This drink was pretty gritty and tart from the raspberries. I combated this by using the Stevia (meant for the tea) and put it in the breakfast drink every morning. It made it a lot better in my opinion but you don't have to do this. Also please excuse the tasty beer behind this healthy detoxing drink! Very ironic don't you think?

Day 2:
Headache wasn't as bad this morning. Still was slightly tired but definitely felt more awake than I would have normally at 7am without my coffee! Breakfast was fine (I drank it on the way to work), however I really struggled with lunch today as my body wanted something solid to consume. I wasn't going back now though. I will say it was helpful to do it with a friend because we kept each other motivated. When I was slipping she would motivate me and vice versa. This was one of those times, for sure! So I powered through it went home made my dinner drink and prepped breakfast and lunch again for the LAST day! Again, I was pretty exhausted so after watching some tv I feel asleep early snuggling with my puppies.

The Lunch Drink:

This picture makes it look absolutely disgusting, but it was actually my favorite drink of all contrary to other reviews I have read. I liked the "green taste of it" and it had a pretty strong cucumber taste. I love cucumber martinis so I lived vicariously through this drink.


Day 3:
I felt completely alert this morning and honestly wouldn't have even needed my caffeinated green tea but it is a good detox-er so I drank it anyways. I felt super accomplished that I reached the last day and wasn't stopping now. I drank my breakfast and lunch drink as normal and then made my dinner drink when I got home. Now, I am not sure if my body was anticipating eating real food the next day or what but I was STARVING that night. I combated this by drinking some more green tea (though not recommended) but it was better than stuffing my face so I did it anyways. I then was so ready for the next day to come I went to sleep, and woke up feeling awesome!

The Dinner Drink

Again, this picture doesn't make it look too appetizing but I used my iPhone for these pics so it is what it is! This drink had a spicy kick to it as you have to add cayenne pepper as one of the ingredients. I am not a spicy food fan (even though I am a New Orleans girl) so this drink was my least favorite of all.

Benefits I felt:

-My clothes fit great

-I felt healthier
-Felt more energized
-opted for more healthy meals the next day when I could eat real food again
-Felt accomplished
-Lost a couple pounds
-Don't drink much coffee anymore and instead opt for green tea
-Don't feel so tired when I wake up in the mornings
-My skin feels healthier and more replenished 

Overall, I am so glad I did it for my body and mind but as I said before it was a struggle for me. I love food too much. I might try to do it again and substitute only breakfast and lunch with drinks. Then have a very healthy "green" dinner just to get some substance. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience and reviews! I would love to hear about any detoxes you may have ever done or if you have done this one. It would be interesting to hear others experiences on what worked and what didn't.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I love Dr. Oz! This sounds like a great cleanse and at only 3 days I think I could handle it! :) Thanks so much for posting it as I think I would like to try it!


    1. You're so welcome Rebecca! I posted with the intention of hopefully inspiring someone else to give it a try. Trust me, if I can do it anyone can!! Good Luck! :)