The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy between vacations, work, and setting up new collaborations. I was finally able to step away and post after my recent vacation to Holden Beach, NC. 

I am changing up the content this time around to be more focused on beauty tips and tricks rather than personal style. You can expect to see more posts in various categories as I want to share my interests in beauty, DIY, and photography moving forward. Blogs are an ever changing entity and it is all about the growth and experience that makes a blog worth while for the readers. 

With that said, below are a couple beauty tips to keep in mind when traveling to the surf and sand.

1. Wet your hair prior to going in salt water.
This tip is very important as it helps prevent dryness and breakage of the hair. As someone who struggles with dry hair already, going into salt water can become a nightmare. When wetting your hair before going into the waves it absorbs less of the salt water. Think of your luscious locks as a sponge to really put it into perspective!

2. Apply heat protection on your hair before venturing out in the sun.
I do this pretty much everyday anyways but when it comes to basking in the sun it is a necessity. Typically heat protectors are used for styling purposes but if you think about it heat from the sun can be just as bad. You can apply these products to damp hair to ensure it locks it in. I have included some of my favorite hair protector sprays below:

Chi 44 Iron Guard                                                  Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection

3. Powder Sun Protection.
There is nothing worse than getting out of the ocean after a nice swim with some collected sand on you and then trying to reapply sunscreen. The gritty roughness of the sand against the skin is enough to make me not want to reapply at all. Instead, touch up with powder sun protection, which feels extremely light on the skin while also helping to sop up perspiration and oil. You just simply brush it on and while this may take a little longer than simple sunscreen it is worth it.

4. Don't forget those sensitive areas!
By sensitive areas I mean your lips and your ears. I have done this multiple times when I forget to apply sunscreen to my not so thought about areas and regret it after a day out in the sun. I know from experience because this just happened while on my recent beach trip. I thought my ears were literally on fire. Using facial sunscreen is good or any sort of SPF lip application. This will also help with typical lip dryness and cracking caused by sun exposure. 

My mom has been telling me since I was a child that I need to moisturize daily and it has surely stuck with me to this day. Not only does it keep your body from becoming a dry wrinkled mess but it adds nutrient rich ingredients to the skin to have long lasting effects. The most serious skin-related health problem that people face today is skin cancer; although moisturizer won't prevent the disease, it can help treat sun damage. Also, there are several different types of moisturizers that contain sunscreen. Easy way to kill two birds with one stone.

Hopefully you have learned a thing or two with these tip and tricks. Stay tuned for some upcoming collaborations I have in store as well!

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